12 Dec


Bagel Bites

6 Dec

Play-Well Logo

6 Dec

This week we were focusing on corporate identity. Our task was to design a logo for a fictitious company like PlayWell which is a european manufacturer of many different types of quality toys. The products are aimed at the quality end of the market, competing with the likes of Lego Hornby etc.




12 Feb

A simple, clear, cool-funky-professional style.

We were asked to redesign this company logo. Supersonic is a professional trampoline company. The design was asked to be ‘Funky-Cool-Professional’. Funky-Cool coming through in the rough paint-slash style and bright colouring – The club is split evenly between boys and girls of all ages, so gender neutral design was preferred, though they expected this to be potentially impossible considering the use of the Karen Cockburn image in their OLD logo which is why I used a silhouette of a person.

The two colour schemes allow us to print on t-shirts of any colour.
This was the original logo

Desired Change was to improve the message that they were a professional trampoline club