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Term 1 review

This term has been a big jump in terms of work load, project work and detail. The projects are alot more relavent and require alot more detail compares to last year. Mainly focusing on type and logo design I really feel we covered everything we could when it comes to typography and now can say Its alot easier when we are given a logo to redesign.  Most of my projects to date were done in illustrator and as a result i have come alot more confident when using tools such as the pen tool, graphic styles and typing on a line of a path.

Overall i really enjoyed this term and look forward to what were going to cover next it term 2 🙂


Term 2 review

This year has been a great year for me and I really enjoy every aspect of the course, graphic design is one of my favorite subjects and although we only have 2 hours of it a week we have a lot of work to show for it!


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