Finished Movie Poster Design

25 Feb


Irish Times Competition – Design an Advert

30 Jan

Irish owned business – Ad should be focused on:

Creative Multimedia at SCD 
Interior Design at SCD
Garden/Landscape Design at SCD
I decided to design my poster on Creative multimedia at SCD.
For this Add it was able to contain Illustrations but had to be more solely designed with text.

London Olympics 2012 poster design

8 Jan

Advertising Design: – Poster Design

We were asked to design a poster for the London Olympics. Using Illustrator and Photoshop only I designed an A3 poster but developed all work on paper first. This was a one week project.

The Objective:

• Introduction to Advertising Design.
• Develop innovative ideas on paper.
• Encourage a willingness to experiment.
• Critical thinking.

Smirnoff Campaign

6 Jan

“The Smirnoff Pure Thrill advertising campaign turns the everyday world inside out”

Task: Create a billboard design for Smirnoff.

The campaign style was used a few years ago but the drinks company has decided to re launch the advertising campaign in the new year.

I was asked to come up with a series of designs…

Here are my thoughts

Jameson Film Festival Flyer

17 Dec

Drink Aware Campaign

13 Dec








This was targeted at under age drinking.

The point of this project was to make people more aware of what its really like when it comes to alcohol abuse.

I focused on the main and obvious issues there are with alcohol.

Horror Film Festival

12 Dec